Why Work With Us?

With diverse backgrounds, we bring many years of knowledge for small businesses and startups to the table. Jessica specializes in accounting, sales, and profit and loss; while Hilary's strengths are in operations, project management and processes, and marketing. Our desire to help businesses flourish stems from working at multiple companies over the years to streamline their processes and increase their bottom lines.

Are you having issues with staff not living up to their resumes? Is money falling through the cracks and you're not sure where to find it? Is your workflow lagging and projects not being completed on time? Are clients frustrated with your employees' lack of professionalism and timeliness? 

We have worked with several startups and know the steps it takes to create a profitable and fully functioning business. From logo creation to setting up QuickBooks, we have the background and support to get you up and running smoothly and efficiently. 

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Free consultation

We want to help you and your business avoid so many costly mistakes and pitfalls that small businesses and startups run into, and help you become a thriving and successful company with great reviews, high employee retention, and of course making money!

Get a free consultation and let us know what your desired situation is.