We're closing in on the middle of the year. We feel like we say it every year, but we can't believe it's almost summer. With that being said, summer means you get to chill and go on vacation and enjoy a less hectic time at your office right? Wrong!

This is the time of year you should be reevaluating the goals you wanted for your business at the beginning of the year and assessing where you're at with them. Use this slower time of year to your advantage and make sure you're on top of your goals, going to finish the year strong, and looking forward to 2019. Use our free downloadable below to help you manage the remainder of the year. 


Things To Do

Get Your Financials up to Date: You can't assess your business without knowing the complete picture. If you are already up to date – congrats! You're a rock star. If not, reach out to your CPA, bookkeeper or accounting guru and get this done. QuickBooks Online has made it easier than ever to keep your records up to date.

Get Organized: Still holding onto documents from 10 years ago? Don't have all your employee records on file? Is your car full of receipts that you COULD have expensed for your business? Now is the time to scan and file away all these items, clean up your desk space, and clear up your mind.

Reach Out: Be sure to reach out to all your clients – old and new – to let them know you are still there. Out of sight generally means out of mind. Now is a great time of year to go through your book of business and expand.

How to Gear Up For a Profitable & Productive 2019

Look for ways to increase your profitability.

Encourage employee productivity—this is a great time of year to meet with your employees, review expectations, and see where there may be holes in any processes.

Set financial goals and meet with your CPA to mitigate tax liabilities.


How Collective Consulting Can Help You & Your Business

Get Your Financials up to Date: We can take care of all your bookkeeping needs.

Get Organized: We are organizational ninjas and can let you know what you need to hold on to and what you should get rid of.

Reach Out: Let us create an email marketing or social media campaign for you.

Schedule a free consultation with our team to go over any office processes, policies, or concerns/questions you have so that you can remain profitable and efficient throughout the year.